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Are You Worried That Pornography Will Influence Your Teenager's Sexual Choices And Behavior?

My mission is to empower parents and caregivers to confidently have ongoing honest and open talks with their teenagers about pornography, supporting their children to be responsible around their sexual choices.

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Most parents prefer to avoid the porn conversation with their teens. Even if they think that their teen might be watching porn, many don't understand the full outcome of exposure to the available content.

Knowing the messages you should talk to your teen about is one of the best ways to influence TODAY on your teen's FUTURE sexual behavior.

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"7 Messages You Don't Want To Avoid When Talking To Your Teen About Porn" so you can start talking today to impact your teen's future sexual experience positively.

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Michal Greenberg-Cohen (she/her)

The Porn Talk Expert & Sexuality Well-Being Advocate

I’m passionate about empowering parents to have ongoing conversations with adolescents about porn and sexual topics. I love the connection that is being created with parents, and when I started my journey, as a young mother, I realized that there isn’t a lot of support for us. We, as parents, might be struggling to start The Talk about pornography or feel insecure to discuss sexual topics with our teens. We might find it awkward, discomfort, or shameful to talk about it. For many of us, no one had actually talked to us when we were teenagers. This is why I’ve become an expert in this field, so I can provide all the information and tools to YOU!

Our Teenagers Reality

A Diffrent World Today

The world today is so different compared to when we grew up. Our children have 24/7 access to the internet and online media.

Access To Inappropriate Content

Adolescents have access to adults' websites and inappropriate content, they are sexting, and they have access to sexually explicit content like never before.

What Can I Do?

Chances are you might feel frustrated or concern that you can't control this content sharing and exposure. You might also feel awkward or insecure to approach those topics with your child.

Who do you want to support your child in their sexual life journey and teach them about consent, LGBTQ+, pleasure,
contraception, STI, healthy relationships

you, or the internet?

I will guide you on how to have EFFECTIVE facts & value-based conversations with your child around pornography and its influence on their sexual choices and behavior.

The Porn Talk isn't a one-time conversation. It's an ongoing process that involves trust, openness, and honesty, and that will deepen your connection with your child, and will empower them to make responsible decisions that can prevent them from unplanned pregnancy, getting STDs or being in an abusive relationship.


Better Talk The Talk Academy

Talking to many parents, I hear their struggles around initiating The Talk around pornography, or how they feel awkward or insecure to talk about pornography with their child. Some parents start feeling the distance from their child as they start their teenage years. 


As a sexual health educator that worked with parents for more than five years and a pornography researcher, I created Better Talk The Talk. The program is designed to help you, the parent to be INFORMED and EDUCATED about the influence of pornography on your child's sexual choices and behavior, and to EMPOWER you to initiate the talk and create a deeper connection with your teenager.


Inside the course, you will learn how to EFFECTIVELY talk to your child about the influence of pornography while COMMUNICATING your values and expectations. So you can EMPOWER your child in making RESPONSIBLE decisions that can prevent them from unplanned pregnancy, getting STDs, or being in an abusive relationship.


A parent or a caregiver who feels confused or embarrassed around having The Pornography Talk with your teenager.

A parent or a caregiver who wants to talk to their child about LGBTQ+, safe sex, healthy relationship, STI and more, but you are not sure when to have these conversations or what to say.

A  parent or a caregiver who wants to create a deeper connection with your teenager through informed, educated, and empowered conversations around sexual topics, and empower your child to make responsible decisions about their sexual choices.

A parent or a caregiver who has shame around pornography and sexuality, or you struggle with how to initiate the pornography conversation because your parents didn’t discuss these topics with you.

If this describes you, our workshop is exactly what you need.


How Will You Benefit ?

Receiving tools that you can implement immediately to effectively talk to your child about the influence of pornography while communicating your values and expectations. 

After completing the workshop you will be able to empower your child to make responsible decisions that can prevent them from unplanned pregnancy, getting STDs, or being in an abusive relationship.

Supportive and closed FB group that will provide you with personal attention. Our community allows you to feel safe, to feel that you can ask any question you might have, and get support without shame or judgment, anytime!

Having the foundations for The Porn Talk, and any other sex talk will get you through your child's teen years. It will support you in establishing a trusted relationship with your child through ongoing conversations about sexual topics, so you can deepen your connection with them and empower them to be responsible for their sexual choices. Choices that can help prevent things like unwanted pregnancy, STI, or abusive relationships. So you will know you did your best for your child’s future.

When you sign up for Better Talk The Talk Academy, you will

Doing Your Best For Your teenager's Future.

“Befriending Michal and being a member of her Better Talk the Talk community has given me the tools, information and confidence to approach and discuss awkward yet important topics surrounding growing up and sexy with my children and my husband. I am so grateful.”

- Michiko (A mother to a 13 & 9 years old)

Hi Michal, I wanted to share with you that following our introductory chat, I’ve had the first conversation with my daughter and it went great! I was prepared and ready because you gave me the confidence to speak with her. Since then she is asking a lot of questions and feels very comfortable to talk about period, puberty and more. In addition, we have a new ritual- we are reading together the book you recommended about puberty. She likes it a lot and asks more and more questions. I wanted you to know that it’s because of you and the support you provided me through Better Talk The Talk community- so thank you, thank you!!  

- Anat (A mother to a 10 years old)

Better Talk The Talk is my go-to when it comes to sexual topics and my teenage daughters. I was so overwhelmed with information, and Michal’s approach including the information she shared and the tools she provides helped me to learn and know and what I should talk to my daughters about, and how to do it. Better Talk The Talk helped me to provide my daughters with accurate and healthy messages regarding their sexuality and open communication between us, where I am the first source for any question they have about any sexual topic. 

- Dana (A mother to a 12, 9 and 5 years old)


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