Are You Worried That Pornography Will Influence Your Teenager's Sexual Choices And Behavior?

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Michal Greenberg-Cohen (she/her)

The Porn Talk Expert & Sexuality Well-Being Advocate

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Talking to many parents, I hear their struggles around initiating The Talk around pornography, or how they feel awkward or insecure to talk about pornography with their child. Some parents start feeling the distance from their child as they start their teenage years. 


As a sexual health educator that worked with parents for more than five years and a pornography researcher, I created Better Talk The Talk. The program is designed to help you, the parent to be INFORMED and EDUCATED about the influence of pornography on your child's sexual choices and behavior, and to EMPOWER you to initiate the talk and create a deeper connection with your teenager.


Inside the course, you will learn how to EFFECTIVELY talk to your child about the influence of pornography while COMMUNICATING your values and expectations. So you can EMPOWER your child in making RESPONSIBLE decisions that can prevent them from unplanned pregnancy, getting STDs, or being in an abusive relationship.

If this describes you, our course is exactly what you need.


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